• Why the business card is thriving in the electronic age

    The details may vary. Americans sling their business cards casually across a table; the Japanese make the exchange of cards as elaborate as a tea ceremony. Some cards are discreet. Guangbiao Chen, a Chinese tycoon, crams his with titles such as “China earthquake rescue hero”, “Most prominent philanthropist of China”, “China’s foremost environmental preservation demolition […]

  • 10 key steps for a successful email campaign

    First things first: stop thinking about email campaigns as relics of a bygone era that are falling into decline. Only poorly designed and badly prepared campaigns end up like this. These days, up to 10% of e-commerce transactions come entirely from email campaigns, which means that any company that wants to sell online has to […]

  • 15 Loyalty Marketing Resolutions for 2015

    Cultivating loyalty today requires that you broaden your program beyond a spend and get strategy, incentivize customers for their actions, and reward them with compelling offers. A New Year is the ideal time to review your marketing initiatives and refresh them to drive stronger results. This e-book highlights 15 loyalty marketing resolutions and strategies you […]