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  • Generate consumer reviews to improve trust for your brand

    Product reviews are a hot commodity. For ecommerce businesses, they are indispensable. A few years ago, who would have thought that a few stars and a couple of remarks about a product could have such an atomic effect on a business? Today, product reviews are the fuel that drives the engine of ecommerce. They catalyze […]

  • How to say NO without losing the customer

    I’ve been self-employed for more than 30 years. Most of that time, I’ve been busy, but not always. Twice in the past five years, I’ve lost half my income abruptly, once when two websites I worked for both shut down on the same day, once when I quit a client I just couldn’t stand anymore. […]

  • Why the business card is thriving in the electronic age

    The details may vary. Americans sling their business cards casually across a table; the Japanese make the exchange of cards as elaborate as a tea ceremony. Some cards are discreet. Guangbiao Chen, a Chinese tycoon, crams his with titles such as “China earthquake rescue hero”, “Most prominent philanthropist of China”, “China’s foremost environmental preservation demolition […]

  • 10 key steps for a successful email campaign

    First things first: stop thinking about email campaigns as relics of a bygone era that are falling into decline. Only poorly designed and badly prepared campaigns end up like this. These days, up to 10% of e-commerce transactions come entirely from email campaigns, which means that any company that wants to sell online has to […]

  • Be mobile-friendly or get buried in search results

    Google is introducing a new algorithm that affects how mobile search results appear — a significant change that will take anywhere from several days to a week to roll out. Moving forward, when you do a Google search on mobile, search results will prioritize websites that the search engine deems “mobile-friendly” — ones that avoid […]

  • Adobe CC keyboards shortcuts cheat sheet

    To help you learn all different keyboard shortcuts (some of which aren’t published in the software) Jamie Spencer of SetUpABlogToday.com created one mega cheatsheet which you can save for your future reference. See below: Click above image to enlarge it or click here If you would prefer the individual cheat sheets they can all be […]